Thursday, September 25, 2008

What You Should Do In Case Of A Hard Drive Failure Post By Thomas Husnik

hard drive crash data recovery

What is the worst thing which can happen to someone who is working a lot on computers and does not usually back-up their data? The worst thing is a hard drive crash. That’s why you should always do some back-ups from time to time so you don’t have to pay a lot of money to recover your data.

In some cases you could recover the data yourself, that case is called a logical crash. If that happens it means that the hard drive wasn’t physically damaged. The only problem is that it has bad sectors or a virus damaged the sectors. If your hard drive is still recognized by the BIOS then it means it is a logical failure. All you will need to recover your data is software. In this case you are lucky and you should prevent a next time.

If the problem is a physical crash it can be bad. If you have bad luck, you will not be able to recover the data at all. There are two types of physical crash, mechanical or electric. If the hard drive failed because of a mechanical part, it will need replacing to be able to recover the data, if it is electric the part damaged will need to be replaced to recover the data. This can only be done with special equipment and in special labs. You can’t do it yourself.

The worst physical crash is a head crash. This means that the read and write head touches the magnetic part and destroys it. The data stored on the magnetic area, which was damaged by the head cannot be recovered and is lost forever. So if your hard drive crashes just turn off your computer, don’t do a thing if a head crash is happening then turning it on and leaving it on too much time might damage a bigger area of the magnet.

The most important thing is, if something happens to your hard drive and the computer shows blue screens or makes weird sounds, to turn off the computer, pick up the phone and call a data recovery company or a specialist who can tell you what happened. This way you can lower the loss, but the best way to prevent all this is to back-up your data from time to time!

When a hard drive crash happens, it can get really nasty. Find out more about hard drive crash data recovery and laptop hard drive crash.

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