Thursday, September 18, 2008

Get Valuable Computer Based Training Online - FREE! by Jim Edwards

Educating yourself about computers and software programs
represents a very expensive proposition in both time and

Anyone who has ever seen those Video Professor
advertisements on TV knows that a simple tutorial on CD-Rom
costs $59 plus shipping and handling. Most people don't
realize computer and software training is readily available
online, some of it as good or better than the introductory
courses that can cost you a lot of money.

Would you like to learn how to set up a web page? Do you
want to learn how to use your word processor for
accomplishing more than just typing simple letters? How
about learning to use all the great "secret" features in
your email program?

Log on to to find yourself in
a world of learning about things that really interest you!
Many of the tutorials listed come free of charge since the
sites hosting the classes contain the usual advertising
most of us have come to expect online.

Some categories have more available classes than others,
but the site rates a serious look and even a bookmark so
you can check back for new jewels of knowledge on a regular
basis. Check here first before spending money on training,
especially for introductory and general information

The following sites also offer free online training,
however, understand that many of them use the introductory
courses as a lead in to get you to purchase additional
books, classes or other advanced instruction.
Offers an extensive collection
of articles to help you learn how to operate various
Microsoft Office programs more efficiently, including:
Windows, Word, Outlook, Excel, and FrontPage.
Land-Grant Training Alliance - teaches
you how to use various software packages online and even
has an interesting tutorial on how to use the Internet as a
teaching tool to help others.
Offers a variety of introductory training courses for
software packages dealing primarily with website creation,
installing scripts and making your website do cool things!
Offers a variety of courses on everything from computer
training and software packages to even dealing with some
hardware issues and how to purchase the right digital
Offers a wide selection of links to other sites that offer
online instruction, books, classes and other learning
resources. Looks like an excellent place to start your
search for additional information when you need instruction
or help.

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