Saturday, August 15, 2009

Learn How to Store and Share Your Files by using Ajax

Use your personal space in your favourite How? With lightning-like speed you jump onto a colleague's computer and pull up your personal hard drive on your community website. Log onto your account with a unique user name and password and bingo, your files come up on the screen.

Remote file backups everyone knows they should back up their files, but most people keep their computer and backup files in the same place.

Ever wonder what would happen if your computer and your backup files get destroyed by fire, flood or theft? Large corporations spend big money to keep their files archived on remote servers "just in case". Now you can do the same thing with your vital files at no cost.

If you have ever tried to email a friend large photos or a huge PDF or word document from work, you will know how long it took to send the email and then probably had the email returned saying that the message was to big to deliver. When this situation arises it's always when you have no time and you need to get a file to a colleague immediately.

Thanks to upload online storage services, these nightmares are a thing of the past, technology and file sizes have moved on, if you need to share a large word document or your latest video creation it's impossible to send them via email due to their size, but when you need a upload Online Document Viewer or online storage service you want it occasionally, just to send some files and you don't want your colleague to have to sign-up for a paid service just to get your files.

Another problem with the ever increasing size of files is how to backup this immense volume of data, the data won't fit on floppies or even CD's anymore due to it's file size, and you don't want to have to purchase some special hardware for a backup which would be nice to have just in case. Backing up to tapes and CD's takes ages, the computer grinds to a halt while you wait for all your files to be saved, it's so slow that you can't use your computer until it finishes. If you remember those days of copying files to floppy disks or multiple CD's then you will welcome a solution.

The problem with computer technology is it's often very difficult to use, your friend or colleague will offer file sharing solutions involving VPN's and WAN's and stuff that you pretend to understand, but all you want is a simple solution involving no more than web access.

If you need to access your work files from home or your home files from work or while on holiday then upload online storage services are for you. As your files are held securely using the same level of encryption as used by the military you can access your files from the upload online storage facility safe in the knowledge that your files are confidential and secure.

Store and share your files using Ajax Online Document Viewer nothing more complicated than your web browser.

Remember backing up your data is vital it's not a question of if you will lose data, and it’s when you will lose data. If you need to store and share files or make backups of your data consider a modern upload online storage service and forget email and CD's.

Another great use for the service involves sharing digital pictures over the web. As those file sizes grow with enhancements in digital photography, having a password protected spot online from which to share the virtual family photo album comes in very handy.

In case you are at a loss as to what type of large files you may want to share:

Job files
Image files
Files you want to 'transport' from office to home (and vice-versa).

PDF is a binary file format that cannot be edited using a text editor and usually have a .PDF extension. If I’m a publisher, why should I have to create a PDF file? Well, the benefit to use a PDF file format is various compared to known word processing formats:

Format: When you sent a PDF file you are sure that page contains the same format for all destinatary.

No virus: It’s very hard that a PDF file format includes some virus.

Edit file size: A great way to save space is with PDF. In fact, people can choose the image-quality to regulate the size of her file.

Hyperlinks: PDF file allows to put the link inside a website page so, you get users back to your website. by: Mark Sheridan

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big News: All Those Important Password Aren't Incredibly Unhackable

It's a clearly inevitable truth that we have loads of passwords. It likely started with a secret code number for our bank, but since that point, the growth of the internet has meant that every day brings a new network, and requires a new password.

Only this month I presume I've enrolled in around 12 new websites and networks. Have I chosen a different password for every one? No way. It's improbable to do something like that, in part because there's not a way I would ever remember them, but also since 'like all of us' I don't have a method to monitor varied passwords.

I maybe could write them down in a book somewhere, but what if I set it aside or couldn't get to it, or -and this is far more typical- wasn't at my computer and had to get a specific account password? It's like leaving all the house keys at your desk and never heading out anywhere with them: safe, yeah, but you'll lose your mind from the lack of convenience.

So, I presume I'm just like most people: I have around three passwords that I can reasonably bring up in my mind, and when I try and go to a site and it doesn't work, I reach through and think of the other passwords I have in my mind until one is accepted. But is this reasonable?

Well, think about this: do you actually trust every single service you sign up for? And even if you actually trust them, what's to block a compromised security system from happening at their HQ? It's taken place with big companies dozens of times - so it can truly happen to a small company. Relying on the same password across all your sites signifies that if a single one of your passwords is compromised, all of them might be.

Alright, I understand too much fear. Thankfully, there are excellent tools to deal with this exact problem. Instead of buying a notepad and creating a crazy password each time you register for a website, there are wonderful programs that function as a kind of password 'safe', where one main password gives you access to the entire system.

Any of these single password organizer pieces of software will make up random passwords for your logins too, giving you the chance to sleep easy with the knowledge that even if a pass is found on some lost site you registered for and quickly forgot, no one will ever be able to use that password for anything. Eliminate all that fretting concerning online safety commence with a password organizing tool immediately.

About The Author
Article written by Vanessa Holden.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

HP Mini 1000

The Mini 1000's footprint is nearly identical to that of the earlier HP 2133 Mini-Note PC, measuring slightly wider and thinner. It's also a little lighter, thanks to the switch from aluminum to plastic. Netbooks are designed with price and portability in mind, so they're usually not the fanciest designs to come out of a PC maker's lab. While an aluminum chassis is generally preferred to one made from plastic, the switch to plastic here makes sense because every penny and ounce counts. Overall, we appreciate the Mini 1000's efficient and attractive layout--there's hardly any dead space on the keyboard tray.
The biggest selling point for the Mini 1000 is its fantastic keyboard, which HP claims is 92 percent of the size of a full-size laptop keyboard. Other Netbooks have been plagued by tiny Chiclet-like keys, which make typing a pain and typos plentiful. By expanding the keyboard right to the edges of the system, HP was able to fit bigger keys into the tray than other Netbooks (and even ultraportable laptops). The result is a comfortable typing experience that beats even Dell's Inspiron Mini 9.
The 10.2-inch wide-screen LCD display offers a 1,024x600-pixel native resolution, which is standard for Netbooks. It's certainly readable, but most documents and Web pages will require some scrolling. The display is covered by the same edge-to-edge glass we saw in Apple's new MacBooks, which adds to the aesthetic, but is also a glare magnet.
The Mini 1000 has fewer ports and connections than many other Netbooks, but the two USB ports should be enough for most users. The Dell Inspiron Mini 9, in comparison, has three USB ports, plus separate headphone and mic jacks, while the HP has only a single switchable audio jack. We wouldn't mind so much, but HP felt the need to include a proprietary recessed USB jack for use with the company's HP Mini Mobile Drive--basically an elongated USB memory stick. We'd rather the chassis space and hardware costs go into another USB port, a video output, or even a separate mic jack.
Intel's single-core 1.6GHz Atom CPU offers enough computing power for the basic tasks for which Netbooks are designed--namely Web surfing, working on documents, and some basic multimedia playback. That combo of Intel's Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, and Windows XP (a Linux version of the Mini 1000 will be released in early 2009) is found in almost every current Netbook, so it's not surprising that we saw no real performance difference between the Mini 1000 and the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 or Lenovo IdeaPad S10. Any of these are fine for basic on-the-go computing, as long as you keep your expectations modest.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Killer Xeno Pro

EVGA Killer Xeno Pro. Designed to accelerate real-time internet gameplay, the EVGA Killer Xeno Pro fights game lag, smoothes game play and boosts frame rates. Also included is hardware-accelerated voice chat that ensures hiccup free communication during the most intensive game sessions. Gamer-grade network traffic prioritization and security tools further prove that this is not your grandmas networking card. Get the competitive edge today with the EVGA Killer NIC Pro!
How does it work?
Bigfoot Networks™ technology is optimized for online gaming and real-time communications applications. The EVGA Killer Xeno Pro uses a 400MHz Network Processing Unit (NPU) to offload all networking operations. The NPU acts as a co-processor dedicated to running the networking portion of games and other applications. This NPU, along with Bigfoot Networks™ patented software algorithms, accelerates, prioritizes and shapes the packet stream that goes to and from the computer, thereby allowing EVGA Killer Xeno Pro to bypass the Windows Stack and allow the NPU to handle all the network functions. This results in the CPU being able to run at full speed, while checking for and receiving network data as fast as possible.
This Process:
Optimizes and speeds network operations
Prioritizes game network traffic to ensure game data is always injected into the game the instant it arrives.
Offloads packet processing for latency intensive applications, like VoIP, to provide clear and clean communications
Frees up the CPU to do more game logic and other computations.
As a result, gamers see less lag, better frame rates and smoother, more responsive gameplay during intense action. In fact, on average, gamers see from 10% to 20% increase in frame rate!

"Killer Xeno Pro"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Make Certain Your Backup Solutions are Complete

Backup solutions are the foundation of data protection, and the first line of defense in case of system failure or data loss of any kind. Backup solutions are the most basic
Protection for computer data in case of a system failure of any kind. Data is saved onto media separate from production systems so it can be retrieved if and when production systems go down, or data is lost for any reason.

But there are vital tools that can, first, make sure that backups are performed in a timely manner, and second, catch data that may not have been backed up in case of accidental deletions. These solutions round out a backup system and, in fact, complete it.

Because of the sheer amount of data needed to be stored and the time required for backup, fast data transfer rates are constantly being addressed. While advances such as Network-Attached Storage (NAS) have greatly assisted in dealing with this problem, one basic hindrance to fast data transfer is file fragmentation. When dealing with gigabytes of data in files that might exist in tens, hundreds or even thousands of fragments, the
I/O and network traffic necessary to transfer it is considerably-and unnecessarily-increased. Such situations slow backups substantially, and can also result in aborted backups that do not complete in the limited time allowed.

A common hindrance to backups, however, despite ever-advancing technologies,
is file fragmentation. Fragmentation already causes problems in day-to-day file access, as a file split into hundreds or even thousands (it's more common than you might think) of fragments is going to take considerably longer to access. Multiply that by all the data files in all an enterprise's computer systems-because a backup procedure must access all of those files-and it can be seen what a nighmarish problem file fragmentation can be
to backups in terms of backup time.

The best way to ensure that backups occur rapidly and within their allotted times is to employ a defrag solution that is always working, that allows for a drive to be consistently in a defragmented state. A product such as Diskeeper meets this qualification.

Another product to fully round out a backup scheme is Undelete, which provides real-time data protection in case of accidental deletions. If a file is saved to a local drive, such an accidental deletion can be recovered from the Windows Recycle Bin. But today, most files are saved remotely to a file server, and accidental deletions are completely lost. IT personnel must then engage in a time-consuming search through backup, restoring the version of the file that existed at the time the last backup was performed.

Once the file is restored from backup, there is more added time, however, as now the user must bring that file back up into the state it was in when deleted. Worse, if the file has been created since the last backup, it must now be re-created from scratch.

Backup solutions are essential-and so are these vital tools to make them complete.
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Downloading free games

A lot of players are searching for websites to download games for free. You can use any search engine, start searching for keywords like “download games for free” or “game downloads” and you get millions of search results. But the question is whether there are really any places to get your free games.
There are risks faced by many gamers today when they download computer games at these free websites. One most common problem is that in the process of downloading, their computers get infected with all kinds of adware’s, their system end up suffering from slow performance. This has become a fact when downloading from the internet; we have heard this happening again and again. So when your computer loses the ability to function properly and you have to call in a technician for professional assistance, those downloads are now not free by any means.
Another problem that happens to people who download games at free sites is that some of the games are not really full. They are pirated copies of the original games. Now, it is not advisable to download these to play as you can get a lot of legal troubles by doing so.
Fortunately, while you cannot find free games to play without getting caught in the problems mentioned, they are still available for very affordable prices at paid membership services. Basically, for a one-time fee, you can download games at these sites without having to worry about spy ware, adware or legal problems.
Not only that, the selection of games is huge and you can definitely find a choice game to download and play. This option is popular among teens and young gamers who get tired of the games they play very quickly. Perhaps it is because they are finishing their games at such an incredibly fast pace. If you are interested in a constantly updated site to download full PC games

Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Building A Gaming Rig

This Video is part 1 of 3 on "Building a KICKASS Gaming Rig". In this video, I will outline how to select the correct hardware. The average computer user still purchases pre-built systems. The reason for this is that most find selecting the right components and installing them a very daunting task. This Video is intended to help you build your own high end gaming computer system. Please remember though, that this video is intended as a general guide. This is an older video so a little of the technology is changed like DDR3. And the Intel core i7.As well as a couple other things, but other than that it’s a good video.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Battle of the Budget Gaming Graphics Cards

The Contenders: $95 to $250
We have quite a lineup this time around. We burned through a pile of nine graphics cards from six different brands. We're sort of separating the gang into two groups: those that cost between $150 and $250, and those that price at $150 or below. The pricing we used was generated from scouring through a number of computer parts Web retailers and creating an approximate average. See Full Article Here

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