Sunday, June 7, 2009

Killer Xeno Pro

EVGA Killer Xeno Pro. Designed to accelerate real-time internet gameplay, the EVGA Killer Xeno Pro fights game lag, smoothes game play and boosts frame rates. Also included is hardware-accelerated voice chat that ensures hiccup free communication during the most intensive game sessions. Gamer-grade network traffic prioritization and security tools further prove that this is not your grandmas networking card. Get the competitive edge today with the EVGA Killer NIC Pro!
How does it work?
Bigfoot Networks™ technology is optimized for online gaming and real-time communications applications. The EVGA Killer Xeno Pro uses a 400MHz Network Processing Unit (NPU) to offload all networking operations. The NPU acts as a co-processor dedicated to running the networking portion of games and other applications. This NPU, along with Bigfoot Networks™ patented software algorithms, accelerates, prioritizes and shapes the packet stream that goes to and from the computer, thereby allowing EVGA Killer Xeno Pro to bypass the Windows Stack and allow the NPU to handle all the network functions. This results in the CPU being able to run at full speed, while checking for and receiving network data as fast as possible.
This Process:
Optimizes and speeds network operations
Prioritizes game network traffic to ensure game data is always injected into the game the instant it arrives.
Offloads packet processing for latency intensive applications, like VoIP, to provide clear and clean communications
Frees up the CPU to do more game logic and other computations.
As a result, gamers see less lag, better frame rates and smoother, more responsive gameplay during intense action. In fact, on average, gamers see from 10% to 20% increase in frame rate!

"Killer Xeno Pro"