Thursday, May 7, 2009

eBags Firewall RapidScreen Laptop Brief

This bag has a compartment sized to fit most laptops with up to 17″ diagonal laptop screens. And this is only one of the many compartments and pockets. From file folder compartments, mesh pockets, and numerous interior pouches to simply one of the best organization panels out there, the Firewall Rapid Screen definitely has storage.
One of the most ingenious features is the flip out laptop compartment. If you’re a business traveler, you not only know the hassles of going through airport security with a laptop, but you’re also probably familiar with how most checkpoint friendly laptop bags function. The Firewall Rapid Screen is different in that the laptop compartment flips out of the bag and can sit in its dedicated compartment for screening and then just as easily flip back into the bag when through to the other side. No taking the laptop out completely and putting in a bin. No fumbling around with a removable compartment. No need to worry about how you’ll store other necessities AND your laptop and still be “checkpoint friendly”. No leaving the computer behind.